About Sea of Glass

Laura Mills, a California native, studied interior and environmental design at UCLA Extension. Her studies lead her to employment selling various architectural products such as wall coverings, textiles, high end bath fixtures, French trims and tassels, lightning, imported furniture and doors, windows and hardware. The latter is where she found her love and talent for stained glass. Laura started her glass business selling items at the Santa Barbara Beach Show and in stores throughout Santa Barbara. She then had the opportunity to apprentice under Steve Handleman, a master craftsman in the art of stained glass.


Taking the skills and expertise Handleman taught her, she started her own business after Handelman retired from the trade. He now designs and fabricates iron work for his business, Handelman Studios of Santa Barbara, that employs over 100 craftspeople.


Laura lives aboard her boat in Ventura Harbor with her four-and-a-half–year-old daughter. She has lived on and off, mostly on, boats for over 15 years and finds inspiration for life and her art through the beauty that the life style provides. An avid sailor, she has crewed on boats in the Newport to Ensenada Yacht race (a world renowned yacht race that has 500 or more boats participating) as well as many trips to the Channel Islands, including Catalina.  


Laura also counts juggling in her pastimes. She enjoys going to juggling festivals and has upgraded her skills from juggling balls to passing clubs with other jugglers. Laura is the secretary on the board of directors for the Star Jasmine Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that runs JAMS Music School. JAMS provides quality music education for all ages through after school programs and music workshops, mostly for at-risk youths and low income families.  With the expansion of her business in 2009, Laura is adding other facets of glass work to her repertoire such as mosaics and fusing.